Hello, my name is Nina Heitmann, the designer behind cmonsense.de, a special project of mine urging us to think holistically about fashion… C’mon, lets have common sense.

The portfolio on this site is supposed to give you insight in to my work. The blog showcases my thoughts and ideas on the move. I am fortunate to have traveled across Asia and now South America in search of inspiration as a designer and as a human being. This is a journey to seek out the best ways to integrate principles of sustainability in our daily wear and I am keen and excited to share my thoughts and hear yours… so please feel free to drop a note here.

In short, I studied fashion design at the University of Applied Science Trier, Germany and have worked for multiple companies in the same field since. While experimenting with design during my initial semesters, I realized that I enjoyed fashion inspired by wide-ranging topics including social, historical and cultural issues. My education laid the foundation to my current thought process that fashion professionals like myself should aspire to be more responsible and conscious of our environment and go beyond just creating trends and beautiful clothes.

During my studies I also got the chance to work for the  jewellery exhibition organized by the Trier city museum Simeonstift in 2012. Titled Zierrat/Sierrad [transl.: ≈ embellishment], which displayed rare jewellery from several artists.

Soon after, I pursued a year abroad at ESAD (Escola Superior de Artes e Design) in Matosinhos, Portugal.  During my time there, I had the chance to work with Maria Gambina, a very well-known and successful designer in Portugal. By the time of my bachelor thesis in my closing semesters, I began discovering myself as a designer. This culminated in my project Die Welt steht auf dem Kopf, which is a cry out for sustainable fashion and my current passion.

Ultimately it should be common sense that there is a need to protect us and our environment.