Found this pinned up in London in the shared studio space of my friend Christiane and was especially drawn to it because it is so true! So I thought I would make this my first post… It’s what I felt and feel now more than ever. Especially the fashion industry can be very competitive and superficial. Rather than collaborating and supporting each other, it often happens that people within the same company work against each other – with the intention of always wanting to be the best. This motivation of striving to be successful is not the issue but the beauty of it lies in wanting to be the best without being mean and unfair to the people around you.
Everything in life is a process and I also had to learn how to give honest and well meant compliments to the work of colleagues. So start with yourself and be nice to the people around you.
Plus, collaborations with others might even take you to a better result than what you had dreamed of.

Unfortunately I do not know who created this print but I do want to pay may credits to it: well done!


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