¡Hola from Lima


Have arrived safe and sound in Lima, Peru. Just a short stop here before I will reach my first destination: the organic farm Hacienda Monterrico, about 1.5 hrs from Lima. Anyway I made the most out my time here and discovered the city with the free walking tour tours4tips, which starts in Kennedy Park (Miraflores) every day at 10 a.m. It’s a very good way to start your trip and learn about Peruvian culture and history. The above shown picture is showing the old post office building, such beautiful architecture and the light inside the building is absolutely stunning.

A few discoveries about Peruvians that stood out to me: they are very friendly and helpful, they somehow seem to like the old VW beetle (already saw 4 of them in 2 days), their food is absolutely amazing and they do everything with a lot of love and patience (I ordered a filter coffee and the guy weighed the beans, grinded them freshly and calculated how much water is needed for the amount of beans…wow!)

Below picture is showing Barranca, a beautiful artistic district of Lima. Definitely worth a visit!


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