Tangerinas y bicicletas

It has been some time since my last post. Originally I planned to give a long report about the farm that I visited which was located about 2 hrs from Lima. Instead I want to write about some amazing people I have met along the way. Each of them is making a change in the world – in their own means.

There is Martin, the owner of the organic tangerine farm who, is in his own little cosmos, trying to change something. Accepting the fact that sometimes you cannot really make an impact on the big picture (especially the frustration about widespread corruption in this country), he is selling his organic tangerines and lives a simple life that is very connected to nature.People from Lima, which can be very polluted at times, can actually buy a tree on the farm and will then be given with the entire harvest of fruits that this tree produces. And I can tell you that the juice of these organically grown tangerines is like no other.

It is amazing to see that there are more and more people in the world who are becoming conscious about our impact on the environment and try to change something.

Another person I would like to mention in this post is Isreal. He is a Brazilian journalist who got fed up one day with the busy city life and decided to travel the world by bike. Already 9 months on the road he shares his stories on the road on his impressive blog www.lifelapse.com.br. Basically, he is writing about life and his process to becoming a more conscious human being, which – for me – is the first step for a change.

Soon my own adventure will start in Cusco, where I will work for the sustainable fashion label Threadsofperu. They are creating beautiful handmade clothes and interior items, which are not only produced in a fair manner but also reflect the Peruvian culture. I am looking so much forward to this… keep you posted!

Israel riding his bike through the beautiful nature of Peru…


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