Travel light and why the journey is the reward

Bags are packed and I am ready to go… for my 40 hour trip to Lima (yes, i am travelling on a budget so I took the long route… but isn’t the journey the reward?!)

If I learned something while travelling through Asia, it is: Travel light! Like those spiritual sayings on the german Yogi tea brand say: Live light, travel with light baggage.

So this time I actually managed to not overpack my bag and make the seams almost burst. I brought mostly functional clothing that will keep me warm in the peruvian winter time.
By the way everything I bought for my trip, I found on the german second hand website
So if you plan to travel and have some time prior travelling you can find really good stuff on the web. The best thing is: you save money and prolong the product’s life cycle at the same time.
Today there are so many possibilities to find second hand products on the web, you only might need a bit of patience until you find what you are looking for.
I am writing this blog post from Bogota, Columbia. Woke up with the first rays of sun at the airport and already gave my best at speaking a few words of spanish.
And of course I had to try an empanada and columbian coffee at the airport (because the journey for me really is the reward).
So far a good first day on the other side of the world!

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