[transl.: The World is standing on the head (literally) / The World is upside down.]

The underlying thought for my ba­chelor collection was to play a part in rectifying our failure, as a society, in managing the natural resources that we are endowed with.

In the race to achieve our economic goals, the society has turned a blind eye to its own health, environ­ment and the sustainability of the very planet it exists on. This is what the German expression for “standing on the head” implies i.e. something is wrong, upside­ down or precisely the opposite of what it should have been. Like a perspective that is turned upsi­de down and meant to be the other way around.

This is – in my own way of seeing it – the world being up­ side down.

 This allegory is coming alive throughout my collection and is really stan­ding for the way we are living our lifes on earth today.
My collection is a call for less and decelerated consume, conscious and well­informed. I wish to emphasize that the pursuit of beautiful attire can be holistic and more rewarding if we integrate our economic principles with a vision of sustainability and a care for the environment that we exist in.

To coexist with the nature, we need to consume consciously and focus on using organic materials which can be replenished by our environment. In my collection, I have paid special attention to this underlying principle by using materials as diverse as the bark of a tree and organic cotton. In addition, I experimented with natural dyeing techniques.

Credits to…


Body Painting: Striez Art, Berlin

Models: Agata Cabral + Ana Rita Maio